URO1 Fleet Steet Todd RATO RL2 ACT2 ATD CTL1-R


Todd's Sire

Rapscallion Rowdy
Todd's Dam

Fleet Street Twister

BAER: Normal CERF/CAER: Normal
PLL/SCA/DM: Normal by Descent
DOB: 4/6/17
Black & White/Broken Coat 13.5" Tall

Todd is exactly what we were hoping for from the Rowdy/Twister cross. He has a fabulous temperament - he's super outgoing, kind, and confident. He's a wonderful "uncle" to our puppies. Todd is neutered, but he will remain here as a beloved pet and I will continue to train him. He often comes along to help with my private lessons with clients - he is the perfect "neutral" dog, especially with reactive/aggressive dogs.

Todd's accomplishments:

Northgate I
1st in 4-6 month dog pups conformation, 2nd in pre-novice puppy GTG.
Northgate II
2nd in 4-6 month dog pups conformation, 3rd in pre-novice puppy GTG.
9/16/17 - 9/17/17
JRTCC National Trial
4th place in 4-6 month dog pups under judge John Broadhurst.
10/13/17 - 10/15/17
JRTCA National Trial
4th place in Novice Puppy GTG. He also earned his trial certificate in Open Puppy GTG.
Stonehedge Barn Hunt
Barn Hunt Instinct (RATI) title earned
Stonehedge Barn Hunt
Novice Barn Hunt (RATN) title earned with a High in Class, two first places, and a second place.
Stonehedge Barn Hunt
Open Barn Hunt (RATO) title earned with first place and High in Class in all 3 legs!
Breezewood Terrier Trial
1st - Junior Over GTG (both days)
Placed in Lure Coursing and Rat Hunt.
Yankee JRT Trial
3rd - Neutered Dogs
3rd - Suitability to Groundhog.
Versatile K9 UKC Rally-O Trial
Todd earned his UKC Rally Level 1 title (URO1) with three firsts and scores of 93, 98, and 94.
Golden Rule WCR Rally-O Trial
Todd earned the first two legs of his RLI title with scores of 204 and 209, with two firsts.
Northgate Terrier Trial
2nd and 3rd - Suitability to Raccoon
2nd and 4th - Spayed/Neutered Terriers
JRTCC National Trial
3rd - Spayed/Neutered Dogs
4th - Suitability to Raccoon/Badger
3rd - Rally I
JRTCA National Trial
Neutered Dogs - 2nd Place
Open GTG - 5th Place
Versatile K9 WCR Rally Trial
Todd earned the final leg of his RLI title with a perfect score of 210 and first place. We moved up to Level 1, where he earned his first leg with a score of 206.
April 13-14, 2019
Spring Fever I
6th - Open Super Earth
Spring Fever II
5th - Open Super Earth
CPE Agility at Y2K9
Willow Grove PA

Todd earned his first Q in agility, with a first place.
AKC Agility Tests
Todd earned his ACT1 and ACT 2 agility titles today!
8/31/19 - 9/1/19
Northgate Terier Trials
2nd - Agility (Colors)
6th - Agility (Tunnelers)
9/14/19 - 9/15/19
JRTCC National Trial
3rd - Rally I
3rd - Rally II
10/11/19 - 10/13/19
JRTCA National Trial
4th - Rally I
CPE Agility
Todd picked up 2 more Level 1 Q's today
Advanced Trick Dog
Todd earned his ATD (Advanced Trick Dog) title today
9/5/2020 - 9/6/2020
Northgate I
3rd - Agility (Full House)
Northgate II
4th - Agility (Jumpers)
NADD Dock Diving
Todd earned three Q's towards his Junior Distance title (JD).
Rally Obedience
Todd earned his Rally Level 1 (RL1) title with an Award of Excellence.
Rally Obedience
Todd earned his Rally Level 2 (RL2) title with an Award of Excellence.
Barn Hunt
Todd had a qualifying Crazy 8's run, earning 70 points.
CPE Agility (Barto, PA)
Todd earned three legs in Levels 1/2, and his Level 1 Standard (CTL1-R) title.