We are located in Oxford, NJ. We have been active in working German Shepherds for many years, but fell in love with the Jack Russell Terrier when we got our first male in 2006. We are proud members of several clubs, including the Jack Russell Club of America (JRTCA), and the Jack Russell Club of Canada (JRTCC), and we abide by the JRTCA Code of Ethics.

Breeding Philosophy

Our terriers are raised in the home, and are sound in conformation, temperament, and health. All terriers are health tested - CERF tests are performed annually, and all breeding dogs are BAER, PLL, DM, HU, and SCA tested (or are normal by descent).


We love the versatility of this breed; we compete in a variety of dog sports with our terriers. They love to work; their high food drive, trainability, and intelligence make for a fun dog to train! Our dogs maintain the strong hunting instincts this breed is known for. They also have correct, functional structure, making them competitive in conformation classes. Check out the photos below to see dogs owned and/or bred by Fleet Street in action! Fleet Street dogs are titled or are training in various sports, including obedience, rally-o, agility, barn hunt, nosework, disc, dock diving, Super Earth, GTG, and others.

Little Eden Prim - 2018 JRTCC National Puppy Conformation Champion Fleet Street Crimson - Puppy Conformation Champion at Spring Fever II 2018 Fleet Street Phoenix in Super Earth
Fleet Street Twister in Rally-O Fleet Street Todd in Rally-O Little Eden Sangria in Rally-O
Fleet Street Malus in Barn Hunt Fleet Street Notorious RBG in Rally-O Fleet Street Crimson in the Thunder Tunnel
Fleet Street Todd dock diving Fleet Street Malus in Disc Fleet Street Crimson in agility
Fleet Street Twister in Nosework Fleet Street Mister Wilson in Nosework Fleet Street Twister in agility