About Us

My name is Meghan Rabon. I have been involved with dogs since about 2000. I started out with German Shepherds. My first GSD was from European lines. My husband, Tommy, and I got married in 2003. Tommy was in the Army at the time and we moved to Germany. We spent a total of 5 years there. I became very involved with my GSD's and purchased 3 females over the time we were living there. I was involved in schutzhund and agility. Once we moved back to the USA in 2006, I became even more involved with my GSD's. I joined a Schutzhund club and over time started training dogs at the club. I also purchased my first JRT in 2006 - Thimble Farm Gizmo.

I worked my dogs in Schutzhund and Rally-O and trained and titled several dogs. In 2009, I began training my GSD's in sheepherding. We fell in love with it, and over the years, I put HGH titles on two of my females. This is a very challenging title which only a few dogs in the USA achieve each year. I absolutely loved herding (and so did the dogs!) and was Vice President and Treasurer of our club for several years.
PAM ARCH SG1 Kessy vom Waldwinkel 2XHGH SCHH1 OB2 RL1X RL3 RN TT AD
01/09/06 - 11/23/16
In 2011, I brought home my second JRT puppy, Little Eden Sangria (Cricket). I had fallen in love with the JRT. And so, our little breeding program was born. Over the years, I moved away from GSD's due to health and temperament issues, and began to focus more on my JRT's. Our GSD's were kept as retired pets, and we have one left. She is now 14 years old and is doing fairly well for her age, in spite of her many health issues.

I have applied much of the knowledge gained in GSD's to our JRT's. I believe every dog bred should have excellent structure, health, a great temperament, and solid working ability. All of our dogs are fully health tested, including DNA tests for PLL, SCA, and DM, as well as a clear BAER test and annual CERF/CAER testing. Our dogs are worked in various sports, such as Rally-O, Barn Hunt, Lure Coursing, GTG/Super Earth, and Agility. We attend many terrier trials, as well as all-breed trials.

Tommy has mostly been "behind the scenes" over the years. He is not as interested in competing with the dogs, but he rarely misses a show and is always a huge help at home, with day-to-day chores as well as with puppy raising. We both work very hard to ensure our puppies are raised the "right" way. All puppies are heavily socialized. I start to teach them essential behaviors, such as focus and recalls, from a young age. Our litters are raised on high-quality grain-free kibble as well as dehydrated raw. Each puppy is microchipped, dewormed, vaccinated, BAER tested, and health checked before going to its new home. We aim to place each puppy in its perfect home, based on its temperament and its new family's lifestyle. We have puppies living throughout the US and in Canada, and are happy to provide references upon request.