Our Females

ARCH Little Eden Sangria RL1X RL3 RATO

ARCH Fleet Street Twister ACT2 CD-C CL-1 CL2-R CL2-S CL2-H RATN RL3 RLPX

Little Eden Prim

Fleet Street Crimson

Fleet Street Clover

Our Males

URO1 Fleet Street Todd RATO RLI

ARCHX Thimble Farm Gizmo TT RL1X2 RL2X RL3 RLV RATN

Our Past Dogs

PAM ARCH SG1 Kessy vom Waldwinkel 2XHGH SCHH1 OB2 RL1X RL3 RN TT AD
01/09/06 - 11/23/16
Kessy was a once in a lifetime dog. She excelled in anything we tried. She was an amazing tending dog and truly loved her job.

G Kira von Wolfstraum HGH

We co-owned Kira from 2012-2016. We trained and titled her, and bred her once while she was here. In that litter, she produced several puppies who are excelling in schutzhund and other sports.

Madina vom Arolser Holz BH AD CGC TT HIC
8/30/01 - 6/14/14

We purchased Madina at 2 years old. She was meant to be a competition dog, but she didn't have the drive for it. She was a wonderful "nanny" to our puppies.

Djenga von Castra Regina BH RL2 TT HIC
8/31/03 - 11/13/17
We got Djenga as a puppy. She was meant to be a competition/breeding dog but unfortunately she was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at a young age. I trained and worked her for as long as she was comfortable, then she was retired and kept as a pet.