ARCH Little Eden Sangria (aka Cricket) RL1X RL3 RATO

Little Eden Strut x Dig It Sasparilla

Cricket's Sire

Little Eden Strut
JRTCA NHC: Groundhog & Raccoon
Cricket's Dam

Dig It Sasparilla

PLL/SCA: Normal by Descent
LOA normal

DM Normal
DOB: 6/12/11
12.25"/Tri/Lightly broken

Cricket is a little spitfire! She is full of terrier attitude and is a tireless hunter - but is also the perfect housedog when not working.
She has had a great rally career, earning her RL1, RL2, and RL3 with Awards of Excellence, as well as her Rally Championship (ARCH) and Level 1 Championship (RL1X). She's also earned JRTCA trial certificates in GTG, Super Earth, and Rally.
Cricket has produced very nicely and we are very grateful to Michelle Ward for allowing us to own this special terrier!

Cricket's accomplishments:

Date/Title Description
2011 Placed in puppy conformation at the 2011 JRTCA National Trial
8/31/13 Obedience/Rally-O Reserve Champion at the 2013 Northgate Terrier Trial
1/26/14 - RL1 (AOE) WCR Rally Level 1 - Award of Excellence (All qualifying scores over 190)
4/12/14 - RL2 (AOE) WCR Rally Level 2 - Award of Excellence (All qualifying scores over 190)
10/12/14 - RL3 (AOE) WCR Rally Level 3 - Award of Excellence (All qualifying scores over 190).
Nationally ranked (tied for 3rd) in this category in 2014!
8/30/15 - ARCH and RL1X Cricked received the last legs for her ARCH and RL1X today.
9/5/15 - Open Super Earth Certificate Cricket earned her Open Super Earth certificate; it was only her 2nd time out!
7/2/16-7/3/16 - RATI, RATN Cricket earned her Barn Hunt Instinct and Novice level titles, with High in Class placements for two of her three novice runs! She also received her first Open leg with a time of 1:38 and second place.
October 7-9, 2016 At the JRTCA National Trial, Cricket competed in Rally-O; she placed 4th in Level 1 and Q'd in Level 2. She also competed in Championship Super Earth and Thunder Tunnel.
March 10, 2018 - RATO Cricket finished her Barn Hunt Open (RATO) title with a second place!
August 11, 2018 Yankee Terrier Trial - 1st place, Brood Bitch and Produce
3rd Place, 3 Generations Class
September 1-2, 2018 Northgate Terrier Trial
2nd and 2nd in Brood Bitch and Produce
4th and 4th in the 3 Generations Class
September 15-16, 2018 JRTCC National Trial
Reserve National Champion, Under Veteran Championship Super Earth
October 12-14, 2018 JRTCA National Trial
Veteran Super Earth - 4th Place
Generations Class - 3rd Place
April 13th-14th, 2019 Spring Fever I
Champion - Under Veteran Super Earth
6th - Open GTG
1st - TNT Tunnel

Spring Fever II
3rd - Under Veteran Super Earth Championship
1st - TNT Tunnel
1st - Open GTG

April 27th-28th, 2019 Mason Dixon I
Reserve Champion - Under Veteran Super Earth
Reserve Champion - Under Veteran GTG

Mason Dixon II
Reserve Champion - Under Veteran GTG

May 25-26, 2019 Yankee I
Champion - Under Veteran GTG
3rd - Lure Coursing
2nd - 3 Generations

Yankee II
Champion - Under Veteran GTG
Champion - Under Veteran Super Earth
3rd - 3 Generations

Various Placements in GTG, Barn Hunt, Obedience, Rally-O, Super Earth, Trailing & Locating, TNT Tunnel, and Conformation at JRTCA trials

Cricket is the dam of

Little Eden Remedy
(Rapscallion Rowdy x Little Eden Sangria)

NHC: Groundhog
Sire of JRTCC National Best Open Terrier & 4-6 mo. Pup, 2016
JRTCC National Res. Working Dog, 2016
Reserve Best Family, May Breezewood I, 2016
Reserve Working Terrier Champion, Yankee I & II, 2016
JRTCC National Best Open Terrier, 2015
JRTCC National Puppy Champion, 2014
Puppy Champion, Northgate I, 2014
Puppy Champion, June Breezewood I & II, 2014
Puppy Champion, Yankee II, 2014

Little Eden Soda
(Rapscallion Rowdy x Little Eden Sangria)

Res. Best Bitch Puppy, Yankee II, 2014

Fleet Street Nighthawk
(Little Eden Halfpipe x Little Eden Sangria)

1st place, 3-4 month dog pups, Carolinas Autumn Fest II

ARCH Fleet Street Twister ACT2 CD-C CL-1 CL2-R CL2-S CL2-H RATN RL3 RLPX
(Little Eden Halfpipe x Little Eden Sangria)

Twister is excelling in both performance and conformation events.
Check out her page for full trial results.

Fleet Street Cooper RATO
(Conquest Rival x Little Eden Sangria)

Placements in many JRTCA events (conformation, ball toss, lure coursing, etc), and currently training in agility.